The Tendring Enterprise Studio School is not necessarily right for every student. If students are excelling in their current school they are most probably in the right place. If, however any of the following apply consideration should be given to a studio school experience.

The young person:

  • is a hands-on learner who excels more through learning for themselves in a real-life environment rather than being taught in a typical classroom situation
  • achieves well in, for instance, Mathematics and Science at GCSE but struggles in other areas and spends too long trying to do well in their weaker subjects that all of their GCSE grades suffer
  • is interested in learning about the world of business and enterprise whilst strengthening entrepreneurial skills
  • would like to combine excellent academic and vocational learning with a real experience of work.

With an investment nearing one million in new facilities and business outlets, students can also gain practical experience of running their own business, supported by experienced business mentors who will provide expert guidance and help to set up projects for students to engage in.


Preparing Young People For The Future


Green energies including the off-shore windfarm are likely to become a significant source of new local employment opportunities and we are determined to ensure our students have the necessary skills to benefit from these. We are therefore creating a new engineering facility within the Studio School to underpin this aim. Offshore wind is a growth industry providing jobs for generations.

The UK is currently the world leader in both terms of the planned projects and generating capacity, plus the UK is rated as the most attractive place to invest in offshore wind. So skills and expertise gained could mean a passport to jobs all over the globe.

Jobs and roles required are wide ranging - it’s not all about hard hats and being at sea! Careers include: energy lawyers; environmental scientists; planners; marine designers; all types of engineers; project managers; construction workers (welders, fabrication specialists, electrical technicians, health and safety professionals) and the list goes on!

With several proposed windfarms off the coast of East Anglia, local students are well placed for this industry. We want to ensure that they understand the opportunities in this growth industry.


Skills for Work and Life


Evidence consistently shows that employers are concerned about key skills gaps in the British economy. Every new survey of unfilled vacancies confirms that employers cannot find key employability skills amongst school leavers.

For this reason the Tendring Enterprise Studio School will follow the CREATE skills framework that has been designed for Studio Schools. It covers Communication, Relating to people, Enterprise, Applied skills, Thinking Skills, Emotional intelligence.

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Nadine McFadden,
21 Oct 2014, 01:19