Students at Tendring Enterprise Studio School will:

  • achieve key GCSE qualifications in Mathematics, English and Science plus qualifications linked to current and future local employment opportunities
  • follow a personalised learning programme based on his/her learning needs and career aspirations. Gain substantial experience of real work, which is part of the curriculum from age 14
  • develop the important employability skills and enterprising behaviours that employers have felt lacking in school leavers for far too long
  • learn in small groups through innovative, enterprise themed projects based in work places and the local community rather than in the classroom
  • have a personal coach for one to one support with their studies and work placement
  • have access to state of the art, industrial standard workshops and facilities in the Tendring Skills Centre and the College at Clacton.


Preparing Young People For The Future


Green energies including the off-shore windfarm are likely to become a significant source of new local employment opportunities and we are determined to ensure our students have the necessary skills to benefit from these. We are therefore creating a new engineering facility within the Studio School to underpin this aim. Offshore wind is a growth industry providing jobs for generations.

The UK is currently the world leader in both terms of the planned projects and generating capacity, plus the UK is rated as the most attractive place to invest in offshore wind. So skills and expertise gained could mean a passport to jobs all over the globe.

Jobs and roles required are wide ranging - it’s not all about hard hats and being at sea! Careers include: energy lawyers; environmental scientists; planners; marine designers; all types of engineers; project managers; construction workers (welders, fabrication specialists, electrical technicians, health and safety professionals) and the list goes on!

With several proposed windfarms off the coast of East Anglia, local students are well placed for this industry. We want to ensure that they understand the opportunities in this growth industry.

TESS Results 2014